Auditor: Cabbies' Complaint Carries no Weight

Mar 31, 2011

Earlier this month KUT News blogged about an ethics complaint filed by the Taxi Driver Association of Austin. The association alleged that city council members violated the city charter by accepting donations from owners and managers of Austin Yellow Cab, which hold franchises for taxi operations in the city.

Today we learned that the Austin City Auditor's office took a look into the complaint and found it to be without merit.  Read the auditor's response to the Taxi Associations' Ann Darbonne below.

"In a complaint delivered to the Office of the City Auditor on March 7, 2011, you alleged that campaign contributions made to the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and three Council Members by taxicab franchise holders violate Article XII §1 of the City Charter.  

"At my request, the City Attorney reviewed this allegation and found that the contributions in question do not violate this section of the Charter.  Article XII §1 prohibits a franchise holder company from contributing to a candidate; however, it does not prevent an individual who owns or is employed by a taxi franchise from contributing in their personal capacity.  We concur with the City Attorney's findings."