APD Make 37 DWI Arrests Over ROT Rally Weekend

Jun 13, 2011

The Austin Police Department held another “No Refusal” weekend on Friday and Saturday nights, meaning officers can request a warrant to draw blood by force if a driver refuses a breathalyzer. It was the first time during the Republic of Texas motorcycle rally that APD implemented the policy. Last year, there were three alcohol-related fatal motorcycle accidents during the ROT Rally.

Here are the numbers from APD:

There were a total of 37 DWI's over the No refusal weekend.

Of the 37 DWI's there were 20 blood draws, 16 search warrants,  3 of which were mandatory and 1 consent blood draw.

 There were 17 that consented to breath.

 Friday: 23 DWI's 11 were blood draws, 9 search warrants, 2 mandatory.

 12 consented to breath.

 Saturday: 14 DWI's 9 blood draws, 7 search warrants, 1 mandatory,  and 1 consent.

 There were 5 that consented to breath.

The last "No Refusal" weekend, over the Memorial Day holiday, APD made more than 50 arrests over a three-day period.  Twenty-four people were arrested during "No Refusal" on New Year's Eve weekend.