Apr 2, 2014

Read by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson

The boys on the black top
The girls by the bars
I went to the hoops
While the rest just stayed far

I never wore dresses
Or bows in my hair
I never wrote letters
To boyfriends with care

I played all the sports
Made shots like the dudes
While girls sat and whispered
Just to be rude

The boys saw me as cool
I was their friend
Somehow I didn’t know
How it would end

They thought that my name
Was too girly for me
So they thought up a name
That fit perfectly

They thought about Derek
How about Rob?
But before I could answer
Archer said, “Annabob!”

So that was my nickname
From ‘09 and on
Until my identity
was trampled on

I was running the track
towards the end of fifth grade
And that’s when my identity
Began to fade

A boy came up to me
A friend, I could tell
The words struck me hard
“Hi, Anna -- bel.”