Agenda Texas: Gov. Perry Joins the Fight

Apr 29, 2013

Only four weeks until the end of the 83rd Legislative session. As the days wind down, we’ll see more and more bills hitting the House and Senate floors.

Budget, Budget Everywhere...

The only must-pass bill, the state budget for the next two years, will garner much of the attention this week, even though that bill has already passed the House and Senate.

Texas Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey said lawmakers are dealing with a few different budget issues as they wrap up the session.

"How much money should they spend on big programs like water, transportation and the governor's call for a tax cut? Should they break the constitutional limit on spending growth?" Ramsey said. "And they're kind of worried about using money from the state's rainy day fund."

Ramsey said Governor Rick Perry's renewed push to get his budget priorities passed has also caused some problems at the Legislature. Especially since the governor is threatening a veto if his pet items, like a business tax cut, aren't passed.

Traveling to the Bush Museum

A quick follow up on last week’s dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. I asked if you planned on making a trip to Dallas to see his museum that opens to the public this Wednesday.

Responses were split about 50-50.  Some saying 'of course' they’d visit the Bush or any other Presidential museum. With others say their opposition to the wars started during the Bush administration will keep them away.

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