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This story was co-reported with Adam Wollner with the Center for Public Integrity. WASHINGTON — State Sen. Wendy Davis , D-Fort Worth, said Monday that she will either run for re-election or for Texas governor, and that she's working hard to make her decision. Speaking at a National Press Club luncheon, Davis said those were the only two options, and that she's not considering joining the lieutenant governor's race. She did not indicate when she'll make up her...

Todd Wiseman / Eddie Codel, Texas Tribune

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obamas signature health care legislation, is constitutional including the individual mandate that forces Americans to carry health insurance, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The decision has far-reaching implications for Texas, where leaders have ardently opposed Obamacare even though the state has the countrys highest percent of uninsured residents. In addition to requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance, the law dramatically expands Medicaid, which already makes up close to a quarter of Texas state budget.