Raymond Thompson

Photo by Nasha Lee for KUT News

If you think you're hot, try going through the heat wearing fur.

The air conditioning system at the Austin Humane Society was damaged when a transformer located near the shelter blew Sunday, as the temperature soared to an all-time record-tying 112 degrees.  On Sunday, the 112 degree temperature tied the record for the hottest ever day in Austin. 

In response to blown A/C, the Humane Society is offering free adoption for the animals currently housed at their adoption center, 124 W. Anderson Lane. The offer lasts through Monday evening at 7:00.

Photo by KUT News

Central Texas is under an Orange ozone alert, meaning the air is unhealthy to people who have breathing difficulties. It happens on the day a report is issued that claims the state could see more ozone action days in the future.