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For the time being, it seems, Texas A&M will not be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC.

Over the weekend, the presidents and chancellors of all twelve SEC institutions met and released a statement 'reaffirming their satisfaction with the present 12 institutional arrangement.' They did, however, leave the door open to future expansion. 

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A Department of Energy subcommittee is recommending steps for restoring  public trust in the natural gas extraction process known as hyrdaulic fracturing or "fracking," an important part of the Obama Administration's energy policy.

Over the last few years, public concern over the process has grown with the release of documentaries like Gasland and reports of possible connections between fracking and contaminated ground water. You can watch the trailer to Gasland here to get a sense of the film's story arc and tone:

Yesterday, a group of 28 scientists representing 22 universities sent a letter to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, "expressing concern over the lack of impartiality on the Natural Gas Subcommittee."  The group criticized what they called "advocacy based science" and pointed out that six of the seven members of the subcommittee "have current financial ties to the natural gas and oil industry."

The group called for greater impartiality and asked that "at a minimum" subcommittee chairman John Deutch, an MIT professor and former CIA director,  leave the subcommittee and be replaced by "a person with no financial ties to the natural gas and oil industry."

Soon-to-be presidential candidate Rick Perry recently sat down with Time Magazine's Mark Halperin for a one-on-one interview. You can watch parts of the interview here:

Here are some of the highlights of what the two talked about:

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Perry Trails Obama by Wide Margin

A new poll from McClatchy Newspapers shows Governor Perry trailing President Obama 52 percent to 33 percent in a head-to-head matchup.  Here are the results of head-to-head match ups between Obama and different Republican candidates:

  • He leads Romney 46-41, a 5-point lead.
  • He leads Pawlenty 49-36, a 13-point lead.
  • He leads Bachmann 52-35, a 17-point lead.
  • He leads Perry 52-33, a 19-point lead.

Perry "Stands Ready"

Aug 10, 2011
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Earlier today, Governor Rick Perry spoke to the National Conference of State Legislatures' Legislative Summit in San Antonio, criticizing an "activist federal government."

"I stand ready to work with my fellow governors and legislators across this country to return power to the states, where it belongs," Perry said addressing the morning session of the summit.