Lorrencia Nkrumah

KUT News

Lorrencia Nkrumah is a visiting journalist from Ghana, West Africa. As part of an international exchange program, she is in the KUT newsroom in Austin, Texas. This weekend, she took in the 2013 Texas Book Festival. “From my point of view it was phenomenal,” she says. “It has been two fun days of great books and wonderful authors amid good songs and nice cuisine.”

Thousands of people thronged this year’s Texas Book Festival at the State Capitol the last weekend of October. The annual event honors and celebrates authors for their contributions to literature and ideas in the state of Texas.

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, KUT News

Each year, KUT is fortunate enough to host traveling journalists from around the world. Recently arrived in Austin is Lorrencia Nkrumah, a broadcast journalist at Citi 97.3 FM in the Republic of Ghana. What follows are her thoughts on her first weekend in Austin. 

As a visiting journalist from Ghana, it is not surprising to wake up and find some parts of my capital Accra – or anywhere else, flooded. So when I came to the United States – and to Austin for the first time – I was a bit surprised by the rains that led to flooding in several areas.

In the midst of a multi- year drought, many locals were surprised too.