Courtney Collins, KERA

11:05 am
Thu August 23, 2012

Why is West Nile Virus Hitting Texas so Hard?

Health officials are investigating more than 1,100 West Nile Virus cases. About half of those are in Texas.

Texas has seen more than 600 West Nile Virus cases so far this year. That’s more than any other state in the country and almost of half of the total cases in the nation.

The Dallas area has seen by far the largest number of infections and deaths related to the disease. Eleven people have died from West Nile Virus in Dallas County alone.

But there’s no clear reason why the outbreak has been so severe in North Texas.

“The available information indicates that the numbers of reported cases are trending upward in most areas, including Texas,” says Dr. Lyle Peterson with the Centers for Disease Control.

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