Alanah Patterson


A junior at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Alanah focuses on the pathway of Media and Technology. Alanah has previously interned at the Austin School of Film, where she was assistant to the Board of Education, and has also volunteered at Hospice Austin. An aspiring entrepreneur and film producer, Alanah hopes to attend school in New York and double major in Entrepreneurial Studies and Social Psychology. Alanah enjoys spending her free time watching irreverent films, writing college essays, and conversing with Generations X and Y.

Endeavor Real Estate/Columbus Realty Partners/Capital Metro

Update: Capital Metro has chosen a developer for its Plaza Saltillo project, spanning 11-acres that used to be a downtown rail yard.

The team led by Austin-based Endeavor Real Estate and Dallas’s Columbus Realty was awarded the project at the Capital Metro Board of Directors meeting yesterday. Capital Metro will have the final say on the design. Read below for more.

Original story (May 21): What does the future hold for East Austin's Plaza Saltillo? This week, the city came a few steps closer to finding out. 

For years, Austin's Capital Metro has held 11 acres of land in central east Austin. The Plaza Saltillo region – bound by Interstate 35 on the west, Comal Street on the east, and between E. Fourth and E. Fifth Streets – sits adjacent to Cap Metro's commuter MetroRail line.